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DB Pro Plumbing


DB Pro Plumbing are your local specialists in clogged and blocked drains. Servicing Coburg and surrounding suburbs, our staff deliver friendly, honest and detailed assessments of your pipes and sewerage systems. Starting with a low call out fee, we offer affordable solutions for all your everyday drainage issues.

Our experienced technicians proudly serve the plumbing needs of the local Coburg community, offering transparency, highly quality workmanship and service with a smile. When you first notice a blockage, we’ll send out a technician to solve the issue in no time.

DB Pro Plumbing


Since our foundation, we have helped countless Melbournians with their clogged toilets and blocked drains. Coburg locals have depended upon our fast and efficient repairs for years, contracting our experienced technicians for all types of drainage issues.

It is vital that you contact a professional plumber as soon as blocked drain issues arise. Not only will this save you money down the line, but also safeguard you from any potential health risks. Each of our technicians are experienced with a variety of different pipe systems, able to find quick solutions that match your budget.


Available for low call out fees, DB Pro Plumbing provide emergency assistance for blocked drains across Coburg. Each DB Pro plumber will deliver honest and high quality workmanship. No matter the setting, our professional drainage experts arrive on time to free your property from blocked and clogged pipes.

For emergency assistance with your blocked drains, contact DB Pro Plumbing now via 0415 584 232.

DB Pro Plumbing

Blocked Drain Services in Coburg

At DB Pro Plumbing, we’re committed to solving blocked drains in Coburg, focusing on swift, effective resolutions. Our team, experienced in many blockage issues, employs the most current technologies and methods to ensure your drains are clear and fully operational. From drainage plumber in Coburg services for complex sewer systems to straightforward block removals, we adapt our strategy to each job’s unique requirements. Our commitment to providing high-quality plumbing services and ensuring customer satisfaction makes us the experts you can rely on for any plumbing issue, big or small. 


Blocked Sewer Drains

Recognising signs like slow draining or foul odours is vital to early detection of blocked sewer drains in Coburg, which present a nuisance and a potential health risk. Our team, experienced in handling blocked sewer drains in Coburg scenarios, uses advanced diagnostic tools to pinpoint blockages. We then deploy cutting-edge equipment to clear these obstructions, ensuring your system returns to its optimal state with solutions designed for longevity.


Blocked Toilets

Dealing with a blocked toilet in Coburg can disrupt daily routines and raise hygiene concerns. Whether it’s due to excessive use of toilet paper or the accidental flushing of foreign objects, our experts are adept at resolving such issues promptly. Utilising specialised tools, we ensure a quick and efficient removal of the blockage, restoring your toilet’s functionality and your household’s comfort.


Blocked Sink

Common culprits of a blocked sink in Coburg include grease, food debris, and small objects caught in the drain. It can significantly impact your daily activities, affecting everything from dishwashing to handwashing. Our approach to these blockages combines effective clearing techniques with practical advice on maintenance, helping you avoid similar problems in the future and maintain a smoothly running sink.


Blocked Shower Drains

When shower drains become obstructed, it leads to the unwelcome issue of water not draining away as it should, often due to the build-up of hair and soap. Our expertise in clearing out blocked shower drains in Coburg ensures that your shower returns to its optimal function, allowing water to flow freely without delay. Our strategy takes care of the current issue and works to avoid similar ones in the future, maintaining the best possible condition for your bathroom.


Blocked Stormwater Drains

Handling obstructions in drains designed to carry away stormwater is crucial for protecting your property from potential water damage and issues with the landscape. Our team specialises in ensuring these blocked stormwater drains in Coburg are clear of any hindrances, allowing them to manage heavy downpours effectively. This proactive measure is key to maintaining the safety and integrity of your property during adverse weather conditions, ensuring that excess water is efficiently redirected away from your premises.


Let’s Get Things Flowing Smoothly Again!

Don’t let plumbing woes dampen your spirits or disrupt your day! We’ve got you covered, from ensuring access to hot water services and keeping your gas systems in check to transforming your space with our home renovation expertise. With a track record of trustworthiness, impeccable quality, and a commitment to long-term solutions, we’re here to provide the support and services you need. 

Ready to tackle those plumbing challenges? Or perhaps it’s time to kickstart that renovation project you’ve been dreaming about finally? Reach out to DB Pro Plumbing today. Let’s make your home the best it can be together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Homeowners often face difficulties when dealing with blocked drains, leading to many questions. To help you learn this issue, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

Blocked drains can arise from a variety of factors, including environmental elements like tree roots growing into pipes and everyday household habits such as disposing of grease down the kitchen sink or flushing non-degradable items down the toilet. Our team excels in pinpointing the cause of blockages and delivering effective solutions, ensuring your drains remain clear and functional.

Several signs indicate a blockage in your drains, including water draining more slowly than usual, foul odours emanating from the drain, and unusual noise from the pipes. Recognising these symptoms early and seeking professional help from us can prevent more severe issues, saving you time and money.

Yes, at DB Pro Plumbing, we are committed to honesty and transparency with every service we offer, including free, no-obligation quotations. Contacting us is straightforward, and we ensure you receive an accurate estimate for any required work, reflecting our upfront pricing policy without hidden costs.


Based on 72 reviews
Lynette McNamara
Lynette McNamara
Friendly, efficient service. Punctual, clear explanation, job well done.
Geraldine Nicholas
Geraldine Nicholas
Amazing service from Daniel and his team and they cleaned up. Thank you for the new cistern and seat and for fixing the leak too. Love your work.
Geoff Diamond
Geoff Diamond
Good team, great service. Extremely reliable and quality work.
Mel Corby
Mel Corby
Have used Danny twice now for odd jobs. Very professional.
Sophie McGrath
Sophie McGrath
DB Pro Plumbing is the best! Did exactly what they said they would do, great customer service. Thank you so much!
Matthew Gray
Matthew Gray
Very professional, punctual and great quality workmanship. Would recommend
David Scowen
David Scowen
Very good service from a friendly crew, recommended.
Nick Corridon
Nick Corridon
Sent out an emergency plumbing request and had Metro Plumbing quote me a ridiculous fee. Decided to look for something local and found Danny. Thank God I did. Price was substantially less, Danny talked me through everything and made me realise how much the other guys were ripping me off. Ultimately ended up saving me a few thousand dollars. Did a fantastic job and will definitely be giving him a call next time I have plumbing issues.
Gareth Hodges
Gareth Hodges
Fast, friendly and fantastic service. Thoroughly recommended!
K Crumpler
K Crumpler
Great Plumbers! Got to the cause of my plumbing issue quickly and efficiently. Quoting was on point and they were super friendly and reliable to deal with. Highly recommend!

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