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When it comes to reliable gas plumbers, Thornbury residents are in safe hands with DB Pro Plumbing. Our experienced, qualified gas plumbers in Thornbury are known for their honest, reliable approach, and comprehensive gas fitting and plumbing services. At DB Pro Plumbing, we aim to provide long-term solutions over quick fixes, to ensure optimal safety for all customers. We don’t take short cuts, and carry out all services with the utmost care, precision and professionalism.

Experienced in taking on jobs big and small, our gas plumbers in Thornbury are prepared for any and all urgent issues. With our low call-out fees and competitive pricing, we will be sure to find a solution for your budget and needs.


It’s essential gas fitting is done by qualified, experienced and professional gas plumbers. Thornbury customers can rest-assured knowing the gas plumbers at DB Pro Plumbing are highly trained and experienced for gas fitting services. Gas leaks should never be ignored and never be dealt with without a professional. At DB Pro Plumbing, our fast, reliable service and trained gas plumbers offer Thornbury customers an immediate, safe solution.

To get in touch with our experienced gas plumbers, Thornbury locals can give us a call on 0415 584 232.

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We are experienced in a wide range of gas installations from residential to commercial properties. We are fully trained and licensed gas fitters who can assist you with all your gas needs.

DB Pro Plumbing


When it comes to gas leaks, we understand the public safety issue that it poses, therefore when receiving a call for a gas leak we raise it as a priority call out.


100% Success rate with 5 Star Google reviews


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Expert Blocked Drain Services in North Melbourne

Facing blocked drains in North Melbourne? You’re not alone. At DB Pro Plumbing, we’ve tackled this challenge head-on, ensuring homes and businesses enjoy smooth, unobstructed water flow. Our expertise isn’t just about clearing the immediate problem; it’s about providing durable solutions to prevent future blockages. Renowned across North Melbourne for our efficiency and reliability, we pride ourselves on our dedication to quality service and customer satisfaction. Whether a minor blockage or a major obstruction, our team has the skills, tools, and experience to handle it swiftly, ensuring your plumbing system operates at its best.


Why DB Pro Plumbing is Your Best Choice

Choosing DB Pro Plumbing for your blocked drain services in North Melbourne means opting for unparalleled expertise and service. Here’s why we stand out:

  • Expertise and Experience: With years of experience, our team is equipped to manage any blocked drain issue, ensuring a thorough and effective solution.
  • Quality Assurance: We employ only the highest quality materials and up-to-date techniques to provide lasting solutions, not just quick fixes.
  • Customer Focus: Our approach is always customer-centric, providing honest advice and personalised solutions to meet your specific needs.
  • Reputation for Reliability: Our solid reputation in the community is built on trust and the consistent delivery of exceptional service.
  • Environmental Responsibility: We employ eco-friendly methods wherever possible, prioritising the health of your plumbing system and the environment.


Experience Same Day Service and Rapid Response

At DB Pro Plumbing, we know that blocked drains can’t wait. That’s why we offer same-day service across North Melbourne, ensuring that help comes when needed. Our swift response team is on standby, ready to tackle your plumbing issues swiftly and efficiently. This commitment to prompt service minimises inconvenience and potential damage, reflecting our dedication to your satisfaction and plumbing health.


Enjoy Transparent Pricing with $0 Call Out Fee

Understanding the cost involved in fixing your plumbing issues is crucial, and at DB Pro Plumbing, we believe in complete transparency. Our straightforward pricing model, with no hidden fees, ensures you know exactly what you’re paying for. Plus, our $0 call-out fee means that assessing your blocked drain won’t add extra cost, making high-quality plumbing services more accessible and stress-free for everyone in North Melbourne.


Comprehensive Blocked Drain Solutions

We offer comprehensive blocked drain solutions to tackle any issue head-on. Our approach combines the power of hydrojetting with the precision of CCTV camera inspections, ensuring we not only clear the blockage but also identify and address the root cause. This method allows us to provide a thorough cleaning, preventing future problems and maintaining the health of your plumbing system. 


Effective Blocked Toilet Solutions

We professionally handle your blocked toilet in North Melbourne, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient resolution. At DB Pro Plumbing, we know that a blocked toilet is a disruption to your daily life, and we’re here to offer practical solutions that restore normalcy and functionality:

  • Quick Identification: Our experts quickly pinpoint the cause of the blockage.
  • Efficient Removal: We use advanced tools and techniques to ensure a clear flow.
  • Preventative Advice: We provide tips to prevent future issues after clearing the blockage.
  • Health and Hygiene: We prioritise your health by maintaining a clean and hygienic work area during and after the job.


Quick Fixes for Blocked Kitchen Sinks

When a blocked kitchen sink disrupts your daily routine in North Melbourne, DB Pro Plumbing steps in with quick and reliable fixes. Our approach is designed to resolve the issue efficiently, ensuring your kitchen returns to its best in no time.

  • Immediate Response: We respond swiftly to calls, understanding the urgency of a blocked kitchen sink.
  • Advanced Techniques: We use the latest plumbing technology to clear blockages effectively.
  • Long-lasting Solutions: Beyond just fixing the problem, we aim to provide solutions that prevent future blockages.
  • Expert Advice: Our team offers practical advice on maintaining clear drains to keep your sink running smoothly.


Fast Solutions for Blocked Shower Drains

DB Pro Plumbing is committed to providing fast solutions for blocked shower drains in North Melbourne. We’re here to get your shower back in perfect working order. Our team tackles each case urgently and precisely, ensuring a swift return to normalcy.

  • Rapid Diagnosis: We quickly identify the cause of the blockage, whether it’s hair, soap scum, or something else.
  • Effective Clearing Methods: Our tools and techniques are designed for quick and thorough clearing of any obstruction.
  • Preventive Measures: We offer advice on how to prevent future blockages by keeping your shower drain clear.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our top priority is assuring your complete satisfaction with our services.


How We Ensure Quality and Reliability

Safety, quality, and reliability are at the forefront of what we do. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every job, from the most minor repair to the most complex installation. By prioritising dependable workmanship, durable materials, and consistent performance, we ensure that our customers in North Melbourne receive the best plumbing services available.


Commitment to Quality Workmanship and Products

Our dedication to quality jobs and products sets DB Pro Plumbing apart. We pick only the highest quality materials for every job, ensuring they meet our stringent standards for durability and performance. Our experienced plumbers are trained in the latest techniques, guaranteeing that every task is executed precisely and carefully. This commitment to excellence ensures that every solution we provide is effective and lasting, offering our customers real value and reliability.


Honest Solutions and Upfront Pricing

We believe in providing honest solutions that address your plumbing needs without unnecessary extras. Our pricing is always upfront, without hidden fees or surprises. Before beginning any work, we discuss all costs and options, ensuring you have all the information you need to make informed decisions. This approach builds trust and provides a transparent relationship with our customers in North Melbourne.


Our Range of Plumbing Services in North Melbourne

Our edge lies in our ability to cover all aspects of plumbing, from maintenance and emergency repairs to installations and renovations. Whatever your plumbing needs, our experienced team delivers with expertise, ensuring you have access to complete, reliable solutions under one roof.


From Maintenance to Emergency Plumbing Needs

We cater to every plumbing need, from routine maintenance to urgent emergency repairs. Our comprehensive service offering ensures that no matter the issue, we have the expertise to address it efficiently and effectively.

  • Tap Repairs and Replacement: Addressing drips and leaks to save water and prevent damage.
  • Burst and Leaking Pipes: Rapid response to burst pipes to minimise water damage and restore functionality.
  • Roof Leaks: Expert roof leak repairs to protect your home from weather-related damage.
  • Fixture Installation: Upgrading your space with new fixtures for aesthetics and functionality.
  • Home Renovations: Collaborating on your home renovation projects to ensure plumbing excellence.
  • Bathroom Renovations: Transforming bathrooms with state-of-the-art plumbing solutions.
  • Kitchen and Laundry Renovations: Enhancing the heart of your home with reliable plumbing work.


Specialised Hot Water and Gas Services

Our expertise extends to specialised hot water and gas services that keep your home comfortable and safe. Our experienced technicians are adept at managing a comprehensive range of services, ensuring your systems operate seamlessly.

  • Installation of Hot Water Systems: We provide professional installation services for various hot water systems to meet your household requirements.
  • Maintenance and Repairs for Hot Water Systems: Our team ensures your hot water system remains in top condition, offering regular maintenance and prompt hot water repair services.
  • Gas Installation and Servicing: We carry out precise gas installations and routine servicing of gas appliances, ensuring they are both efficient and safe.
  • Detection and Repair of Gas Leaks: Our rapid response team is skilled in identifying and fixing gas leaks, prioritising your safety and minimising risks.


Get Your Drains Fixed Today

Don’t let blocked drains disrupt your day any longer. DB Pro Plumbing is here to provide swift and effective solutions for any blocked drains in North Melbourne. We are ready to tackle your plumbing problems with expertise and efficiency. Reach out to us and experience the relief of cleared drains and restored functionality. 


Contact Us Now for Immediate Assistance

For any plumbing issue, big or small, DB Pro Plumbing is your go-to for immediate assistance. Our team of experts is on hand to deliver fast, reliable solutions across North Melbourne. Whether it’s an emergency repair or a routine check-up, we’re here to ensure your plumbing system is in top condition.


Based on 72 reviews
Lynette McNamara
Lynette McNamara
Friendly, efficient service. Punctual, clear explanation, job well done.
Geraldine Nicholas
Geraldine Nicholas
Amazing service from Daniel and his team and they cleaned up. Thank you for the new cistern and seat and for fixing the leak too. Love your work.
Geoff Diamond
Geoff Diamond
Good team, great service. Extremely reliable and quality work.
Mel Corby
Mel Corby
Have used Danny twice now for odd jobs. Very professional.
Sophie McGrath
Sophie McGrath
DB Pro Plumbing is the best! Did exactly what they said they would do, great customer service. Thank you so much!
Matthew Gray
Matthew Gray
Very professional, punctual and great quality workmanship. Would recommend
David Scowen
David Scowen
Very good service from a friendly crew, recommended.
Nick Corridon
Nick Corridon
Sent out an emergency plumbing request and had Metro Plumbing quote me a ridiculous fee. Decided to look for something local and found Danny. Thank God I did. Price was substantially less, Danny talked me through everything and made me realise how much the other guys were ripping me off. Ultimately ended up saving me a few thousand dollars. Did a fantastic job and will definitely be giving him a call next time I have plumbing issues.
Gareth Hodges
Gareth Hodges
Fast, friendly and fantastic service. Thoroughly recommended!
K Crumpler
K Crumpler
Great Plumbers! Got to the cause of my plumbing issue quickly and efficiently. Quoting was on point and they were super friendly and reliable to deal with. Highly recommend!